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Save the Amazon rainforest

Dear Friend,

We have little time, but there is much at stake. Only the signature of President Dilma Rousseff can prevent one of the largest global environmental disasters.

Please support WWF’s call to stop huge amounts of Amazon rainforest from being cleared for agriculture and cattle pasture.

Right now, the Brazilian government is voting on changes to its forest law that could destroy an area of forest three times the size of the UK. And the consequences will be felt all over the world as a massive amount of CO2 could be released.

Now the fate of the forests rests with President Dilma Rousseff, who could still choose to veto some or all of the proposed changes. In Brazil, over 1.5 million people have already signed a petition urging Dilma to act.

Please add your voice to theirs and send an email to the President.

Emergency Call Brazil

Best regards, Your Team WWF

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Competition night ...

... at Bolton Digital Photography club - theme "club days out". I entered 3 images, one of which, a swan image entitled "Odette's Curse" (Swan Lake), got through to the second round and then into the top 6. Can't believe I got 5th place! (woohoo) Obviously feeling dead chuffed, even more so as the judge was Tillman Kleinhans - someone I admire greatly. 
Odette's Curse
 Check out his website:  TILLMAN KLEINHANS
"Photography is a means of communication, if the image 'speaks' to you then the photograph works.  The image is everything, how it was produced is of no consequence to how successful the image is.  In the words of the artist David Stanley ' image is complete until it reacts with the viewer'.  It is this reaction that decides how an image is perceived by an observer."