Sunday, 17 January 2010

There's a squirrel in my garden ...

If we had a keen vision and feeling 
of all ordinary human life, 
it would be like hearing the grass grow 
and the squirrel's heart beat 
and we should die of that roar 
which lies on the other side of silence.

- George Eliot


  1. Hi Sue, love your blog. I am an animal lover myself and donate regularly to the ASPCA. I have 2 cats that I love dearly and would love to have one more some day. Still working slowly at Photoshop! If you're interested I'm at

  2. Hi Sue, this is Lenore from DJ Pettitt's class. DJ has expelled me from class so I unfortunately could not respond to your message. I'm not surprised at all but it is unfortunate that I won't be able to continue the conversations with the wonderful people I met. I enjoy your blog and hope you'll continue to pop by mine :-)