Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Last weekend two of my cats, Zuki and Flopsy, were attacked by the above stray cat.  Luckily neither of them were badly injured, although Flopsy is still very skittish.  I don't know whether the stray was looking for food or a mate and as he didn't have a collar and my neighbours didn't know where he lived, I decided it would be best to catch him.  It took me over an hour but finally he succumbed to catnip treats!  The RSPCA shelter where I volunteer offered to pay for neutering and a blood test (my friend and I paid for his overnight stay at the vet's, defleeing and worming) but couldn't take him in as they were full but finally after a few phone calls I found a cattery that had a vacancy.  Hopefully he will have a much happier life from now on and my cats will be safe!  Btw, I called him Tyson!

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