Saturday, 23 July 2011

Be warned .....

Remember the Brownie motto "Be Prepared"? Should have remembered that this afternoon! Saw this butterfly on the wall, ran inside for the camera, framed the shot, clicked but nothing happened - NO MEMORY CARD! Ran back inside, loaded the card and ran back out but the butterfly had gone. Seconds later it reappeared ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GATE ... ran through the house and out of the front door - IT FLEW BACK OVER THE GATE! Ran through the house to the back garden and just caught it before it flew off again. At least half of it is in focus .... not bad considering!


  1. I totally understand the frustrating quest for a good butterfly image - they're NOT co-operative about posing. I like the edge of the fluttering wing in this photo.

  2. A tip I've been given is to put them in the fridge for a minute or so as they can't fly off until they've warmed up - my friend has used this method with bees. I'd be too afraid of killing it though!