Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Help needed!

The theme for the next club competition is "portraits" - not something I do much of but I took this photo of a chap who was selling his macro lens on ebay (just happens to live locally).  I can't decide whether to go with the regular b&w photo or the funky one, although I'm thinking the latter might be a bit more interesting and it might not get marked down for being ever so slightly unsharp on the tip of his nose- the judges really are a picky bunch.  Which do you like?


  1. Not an easy decision. I like the tone in the first one and the contrast in the second one. I also prefer the background of the first one. Both are excellent and full of character. Good luck in the contest!

  2. Joanne's right - they're both excellent, 'tho I prefer the first... I like the emphasis on the lines on his face - there's a lot of history there x

  3. I like the first one. It just apeaks to me more.