Friday, 28 October 2011

Moorland Monochrome

Last weekend I took a workshop by Jason Smalley on Anglezarke Moor, somewhere I haven't explored very much even though it's only 20 minutes from home.  Luckily we chose a fine day and not particularly cold - although I'd probably over-dressed in my ski gear!  I hadn't expected it being so difficult underfoot - the moors look so flat and even but they're full of tussocks and deep channels and of course I managed to fall over but saved my camera.  We saw tumble down walls, photogenic trees, a small waterfall, two derelict farms, the Pikestones (the remains of a neolithic burial monument), a burnt out forest and three dead sheep in various stages of decay!  It was a great day out - I learnt some new camera techniques and how to visualise the landscape in monotone.  We had a good laugh too!

More photos can be seen on Flickr

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