Tuesday, 29 November 2011

IFAW: Buried alive; help give this crippled dog a second chance

Our Mdzananda clinic in South Africa has just rescued a dog from a shocking instance of cruelty.

The veterinarian at our clinic received a frantic call that two school caretaker were burying a dog alive. Our vet and a caregiver rushed to the scene and demanded that the janitors unearth the dog.

After digging down three feet, they uncovered the dog. Amazingly she was still alive, but barely breathing (the photograph below shows her moments after she was unearthed) ...

Can you imagine how frightened this poor pup must have felt?

Our team rushed the injured dog to the clinic and began treating her immediately.

They named her “Warrior” because of the spirit she showed in fighting to stay alive. I’m thrilled to report that she did indeed survive, but her recovery will be long and difficult. Her rear legs are partially paralyzed and she needs specialised treatment and a fitted harness to get around.

Please donate here:  IFAW: HELP FOR WARRIOR

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