Thursday, 5 November 2009

Stencilling results ...

 Well here's the result of my first attempt at stencilling ... I've used a cardboard folder (those that Amazon send their books in) to keep my spray paint samples in.  Once it's dry (a little patience needed) I'll paint the inside.

I have learnt the following:

(1)  Tim Holtz masks are a nightmare to remove from their backing and are very, VERY sticky!  But they look great ...   

(2)  MONSTER PAINTS  are miles better than Krylon - they dry quicker and it's easier to control where the spray goes.
(3)  I should wear gloves or keep my fingers out of the way of the paint (see below).
(4) I can't stencil how Mary Ann suggests, ie don't think about it, just spray.  I don't do random!

Thought:  I wonder how long my fingers will be purple?

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