Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Elephants & Polor Bears need your help!

20 years after the ivory ban, elephants are in crisis again with two countries wanting to re-open the ivory trade by selling their stockpiles.

IFAW believes ANY ivory trade leads to an increase in poaching as it provides a smokescreen for poachers to sell illegal ivory. This view is supported by the 23-country strong African Elephant Coalition. They need the EU’s support in their fight against poaching. Recent stockpile sales to Japan and China resulted in a huge increase in seizures of illegal ivory and poaching. Elephants in Senegal and Sierra Leone are already being wiped out. The only solution is a total ban on ivory sales if we want any chance of saving this magnificent species. Polar bears are watching their icy habitat melt underneath their feet, yet still face the threat of trophy hunting and commercial trade in their skins.

The EU has the power to save the elephants and polar bears by taking a strong stance at the next CITES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) meeting in March. A vote for a total ivory ban is vital if we are to save the elephant, and polar bears need protection from hunting and commercial trade.

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