Wednesday, 24 February 2010


The Vancouver 2010 Winter Games are nearly over, and the cameras and tourists will soon be going home. But even as the Olympic flame fades, PETA will not allow the world to forget that just days from today, the gruesome slaughter of thousands of baby harp seals will start, supported by the Canadian government.

Act Now to Save Seals Please help us keep the fight going strong as the ghastly seal slaughter gets closer. Donate now The best way to help us continue our fight for seals until Canada's bloody shame is stopped is by making a special donation right now.

The Olympic Games brought international attention to Canada, and PETA took advantage of it to raise awareness and generate unprecedented opposition to the seal slaughter. Our campaigners' presence in Canada has raised awareness of the suffering of seals who are slaughtered for their skin and has helped turn the world against this senseless killing. The seal slaughter is now as universally reviled as Japan's slaughter of whales and has stained Canada's international reputation. Even a majority of Canadians now want to see their government bring the carnage to an end.

But Canada's government is desperately trying to show that it won't be swayed by the flood of global condemnation that our campaign is bringing about. That same government even thumbed its nose at world opinion during a recent meeting of world finance ministers—many of whom come from countries that have recently banned the sale of seal skins—by providing attending ministers with chairs covered in the skins of dead seals and serving them seal meat at the summit ending feast! Many ministers and central bankers from France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom actually boycotted the summit ending feast.

Just as desperately, the Canadian seal industry is increasingly selling its ghastly products to China—a nation with one of the worst reputations for abusing and exploiting animals—after finding itself shut out of the American and European markets, which will no longer tolerate their bloody trade.

Make no mistake about it—even though the Canadian government may be ramping up its futile efforts to ignore public outcry and subsidize the seal massacre, we will win this fight. But now that the Olympics are over, we are going to have to work even harder to keep the heat on the Canadian government to stop this bloodbath. PETA is working year-round to save these animals and stop the seal slaughter, but we must have the dedicated commitment of supporters like you to do so.

With the seal massacre only days away, please make a generous donation online right now to sustain PETA's fight to stop the imminent slaughter and save other animals killed for their skin.

Thank you for joining us in defense of these helpless animals.

Kind regards,

Ingrid Newkirk
Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Our work during the Olympics has energized the global movement to stop the cruel slaughter of Canada’s harp seals. But now is the time we need the support of every PETA member to keep up our fight for these animals. Please make the most generous gift that you are able right now. Thanks!

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